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Behavioral and Mental Disorders Open in a new browser window
   Links and resources regarding mental health and behavioural disorders organized by the Karolinska Institute.
Cognitive Behavior Management Open in a new browser window
   Cognitive behavior is thought and the theory of behavior management. Examples include cognitive restructuring, therapy, and skill training.
ComPsych Guidance ResourcesSM Open in a new browser window
   Provides information on the services, including employee assistance programs (EAP), managed behavioral health and other services, about the company and a provider directory.
Genesis Behavioral Health Care Services, Inc. Open in a new browser window
   Information on post traumatic stress disorder, particularly for law enforcement, as well as compulsive behaviour and addiction. Includes details on workshops and community programs.
Marc Schoen Ph.D. Open in a new browser window
   UCLA Professor and researcher of Mind-Body Medicine discusses the Let Down Effect and why we become sick after the stress is over- such as on vacations, after exams, after the completion of stressful projects, or following the resolution of conflict.
New York University Behavioral Health Programs Open in a new browser window
   Outpatient psychiatry group for Tisch Hospital at New York University Medical Center, with information about their research, studies, and programs.
North Bay Center for Behavorial Medicine Open in a new browser window
   A comprehensive treatment clinic providing information on assessment, therapy, counseling and psychiatric services offered. Articles on behavioral medicine topics. Located in Sonoma and Napa, California.
Rochester Review: The Mind-Body Connection Open in a new browser window
   Feature article on neurobiology researcher David Felton. Also explores the nervous system to immune system connection.
Rockwood psychological services Open in a new browser window
   Kingston, Ontario, Canada practice provides treatment of incarcerated sexual offenders.
The Scientific Rationale for Behavioral Medicine in CFIDS Open in a new browser window
   Paper on use of behavioral medicine for Chronic Fatigue Syndrom (CFIDS).

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