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Canadian Foster Parent Open in a new browser window
   A resource guide for foster parents to access information and to network with other caregivers around the world. Find links to chat with other caregivers and become a member of a fostercare listserv.
Casey Family Programs Open in a new browser window
   Source of information, technical assistance, written materials and referrals to both resource families and child welfare professionals who work with them.
Foster Parenting - Getting Started Open in a new browser window
   If you are just starting out in your quest to become a foster parent, there are some available links to nationwide fostering agencies.
Foster and Kinship Care Education Open in a new browser window
   Provides training, support, licensing and independent living skills classes for foster parents and others caring for children in out-of-home placements. Site includes information about services, news and contact details. Open in a new browser window
   American site with information on becoming a foster parent, general child care information, and special instructions for foser parents. Includes a support area with a chat room, message boards, and e-pals.
Is Foster Parenting For You? Open in a new browser window
   Article by Jeffrey Silla, an experienced foster parent, shares experiences and encouragement for those who are considering the experience of foster parenting.
NECCO Open in a new browser window
   A learning organization committed to the continuous development of its employees in order to provide optimal care for our foster children, and a solid support network for our foster families.
Staying with Grandma Open in a new browser window
   The challenges faced by relative caregivers; grandparents caring for foster children. Published by Action Alliance for Children.
The Foster/Adopt Experience Open in a new browser window - A description of the process involved in being a foster and/or adoptive parent.
There is No Such Thing as Too Attached Open in a new browser window - A personal essay about the attachments formed as a foster parent.

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