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American Board of Genetic Counseling Open in a new browser window
   Prepares and administers examinations and accredits training programs. Offers a range of information on examinations, guidelines, and training programs.
Canadian Association of Genetic Counsellors - CAGC Open in a new browser window
   Establish minimum standards of practice and encourage professional growth. Includes certification, training, jobs, and conferences. Many documents use the PDF file format.
DNAprint Genomics inc. Open in a new browser window
   Develop analytics and information resource products, including platforms for genotype pattern recognition for complex trait determination. Includes an overview of services, investor relations, and career opportunities.
Genassist, Inc. Open in a new browser window
   Resources and genetic consultation for people with pregnancy questions related to inherited diseases, assisted conception, and pregnancy ultrasound.
Gendia Open in a new browser window
   International network of academic and commercial laboratories from Europe and the US providing a range of services including paternity, maternity, twins, and relationship diagnostics.
Gendia - Genetic Diagnostics Open in a new browser window
   International network of laboratories offering molecular tests for a range of disorders.
Gene Analysis Service GmbH Open in a new browser window
   Molecular biological and medical diagnostic service laboratory. Mutation screening by DNA sequencing for the detection of rare genetic diseases.
Gene Dx Open in a new browser window
   Genetic testing and diagnosis company serving individuals and families suffering from severe hereditary disorders.
Gene Testing Open in a new browser window
   Brief overview of gene testing: what it is, how it works, what are some of the pros and cons, what tests are available. Includes a guide to further resources.
GeneClinics: Medical Genetics Knowledge Base Open in a new browser window
   NIH funded, expert-authored descriptions of inherited disorders. Covers genetic testing in diagnosis and management and genetic counseling of patients.
GeneTests Open in a new browser window
   A genetic testing resource including an introduction to genetic counseling and testing and a genetics laboratory directory. From the University of Washington.
Genetic Assays Inc. Open in a new browser window
   Offers physicians, hospitals, and laboratories, molecular techniques for the gene level diagnosis and management of diseases. Also provide DNA testing for the determination of parentage/paternity.
Human Gene Testing Open in a new browser window
   Article by Drs. Stuart Orkin and Gary Felsenfeld describing how basic research led to genetic testing, including how the discoveries of DNA, restriction enzymes, cloning, & PCR (polymerase chain reaction) make tests for diseases like sickle-cell anemi
Interleukin Genetics Incorporated Open in a new browser window
   Performs genetic susceptibility testing services for common diseases which are treatable and preventable. Includes corporate and financial data, and job opportunities .
Kimball Genetics Open in a new browser window
   Genetic testing laboratory specializing in DNA analysis for common genetic disorders. Includes listing of tests available.
Molecular Genetics Testing Laboratory: Ashkenazi Jewish Genetic Disease Screen Open in a new browser window
   Information about a test for seven common inherited diseases in the Ashkenazi Jewish population: Tay-Sachs disease, Canavan disease, cystic fibrosis, Gaucher disease, Bloom syndrome, familial dysautonomia and Fanconi anemia.
Mountain States Genetics Network Open in a new browser window
   Share medical genetics knowledge and resources with other health care practitioners, patients, and caregivers. Features an overview of services, chromosome and DNA testing, education, and news.
National Newborn Screening and Genetics Resource Center of the US Open in a new browser window
   Provides a large collection of resources on birth defects and on genetic/metabolic screening of infants as a component of public health.
National Society of Genetic Counselers - NSGC Open in a new browser window
   Promote the profession as a recognized part of health care delivery, education, research and public policy. Includes a searchable database of counselors.
New York University Department of Pediatrics Human Genetics Program Open in a new browser window
   Offers evaluation, testing and counseling for genetic diseases with information on faculty, clinical services, molecular genetics laboratory, and research interests
OHSU Genetic Service Laboratories Open in a new browser window
   Provide laboratory testing and diagnostic evaluation of rare and unusual inherited metabolic diseases. Includes information on the faculty, education, research, and related resources.
The Gene Trust Open in a new browser window
   Goal is to establish a database of information about people, including physical characteristics, health histories, and responses to treatments and thus speed up the rate of medical advances based on this genetic knowledge .
The Robert Guthrie Biochemical Genetics Laboratory Open in a new browser window
   Diagnostic testing for inborn errors of metabolism with an emphasis on metabolic myopathies and mitochondrial diseases. Includes print-off forms and research updates.

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