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A Carfree Neighborhood in Cambridge: North Point Open in a new browser window
   Detailed proposal for a Boston neighborhood without cars. Position papers, map of the proposed area, resources and articles, and links to other car-free areas provided. Open in a new browser window
   Portal advocating car-free and car-light lifestyles. Letters and commentary, car cost calculator, hikes and event information, and related links provided.
Car Free Day in Canada Open in a new browser window
   Canadian group working towards nationwide annual car free days.
CarFree Open in a new browser window
   An e-mail discussion list which explores issues related to eliminating or reducing one's reliance on automotive transport. Open in a new browser window
   Directory of resources for the grassroots global carfree movement, including organization contact directory, magazine, conference information, discussion forum, publications, and links. A project of World Carfree Network. Open in a new browser window
   Companion site to the book Carfree Cities, Describes various solutions for transportation and urban planning in cities without automobiles, discussion forum and related links also provided. Also available in Greek, German, French, Italian, Russian, Dutch,
Coalition for Appropriate Transportation Open in a new browser window
   An educational charity working to improve mobility for everyone. Curbing use of the automobile fights suburban sprawl, obesity and increasingly high medical costs.
Dinosaurs Against Fossil Fuels Open in a new browser window
   Colourful community group who dresses up as dinosaurs and rides bicycles around Vancouver, B.C. to draw attention to the environmental problems with cars.
European Mobility Week Open in a new browser window
   The objective is to facilitate widespread debate on the necessity for changes in behaviour in relation to mobility and in particular the use of the private car. To encourage public awareness of pollution caused by the increase in motorized traffic in the
Paul Dorn's Bike Commuting Tips Open in a new browser window
   Information on bike commuting by a San Francisco cyclist and activist. Includes views, reviews, and How-To articles.
Right of Way Open in a new browser window
   Organization "dedicated to the overthrow of car tyranny."
The Car-Free Universe Project Open in a new browser window
   An information-sharing site for communities of the carfree to find or distribute documents, links, news, and images of interest. Searchable.
Transportation Alternatives Open in a new browser window
   Working for better bicycling, walking and public transit, and fewer cars. Looking for safer, calmer neighborhood streets and car-free parks.
Westside Transportation Alliance Open in a new browser window
   Non-profit organization providing information on commute and transportation alternatives in the Portland, Oregon metro area.
World Car Free Days Collaborative Open in a new browser window
   Non-profit to build consensus for change in the attitude and behavior of current car users.
World Carfree Network Open in a new browser window
   Organized by the Car Busters collective; a decentralised, structured network for local, regional, national and international organisations.

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